Interactive Marketing Analyst

Company Name:
The Interactive Marketing Analyst is
for the monitoring and analyzing key performance data as well as identifying areas for improvement. This position supports the analysis of incoming data, information collection and organization and overall marketing strategy management.
, teamwork, organization and ability to develop insights from large data sets are essential for the role. The ideal candidate is data software savvy, self-motivated and driven by team success. It is necessary that the candidate can define a problem, collect and analyze data pertaining to it, evaluate company processes and procedures, and recommend strategies designed to solve the issue. A cursory knowledge of the internet and marketing strategies are desired.
Monitor campaign execution through various marketing channels
Use quantitative techniques to analyze data and make decisions.
Prepare reports that summarize findings and recommendations, to present their analysis to executive management and client.
Provide key takeaways and insights on all reporting responsibilities
Leverage QlikView experience to develop insightful reporting
Responsible for forecasting and projecting client KPI's
Communicate daily with interactive planners, client
team members and client.
Work as a team with the planner to oversee accounts and suggest areas of improvements
Constant and timely communication on the status of client KPI's
Help provide innovative and concrete suggestions to improve strategy performance
Perform other duties as assigned
Critically evaluate reporting processes and procedures and identify areas of improvement and efficiency
Bachelor's degree in a related course of study with a minimum of 3-5 years' experience. QlikView experience is preferred, but at least some experience with business intelligences software application is required. Prefer Qlikview or Tableau.

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